We finally made it. In just a few days, Charlotte will be buzzing with close to 80,000 visitors from all over the country, as the CIAA events and parties shut the Queen City down. For many first timers, you may become overwhelmed with everything that’s going down that weekend. CI All Access is proud to bring you the 2011 Weekend Survial Guide, powered by FEVER Stimulation Beverage. You will catch us drinking plenty of FEVER all weekend long!

11. The earlier you arrive in Charlotte the better.
For many of you, this may be your first time in Charlotte for CIAA weekend. On any given weekend, traffic getting in and out of the downtown area can be an adventure, but during this particular weekend, it gets crazy. If you are set to arrive Thursday, the earlier you get in the area the better you will be off.

10. Confirm your hotel reservations the morning you are to check in.

Of course, you should have already confirmed everything at least a week before leaving, but you DEFINITELY want to call and confirm the details before getting in the car/on the plane. You might think something crazy like your reservation getting lost, or accidentally not showing up in the computer the night you arrive can’t happen to you, but I have seen it, and it isn’t pretty.

9. If you haven’t by now, buy your tickets to ALL the events you plan on going too.

A lot of CIAA weekend first timers make the mistake of waiting till they touch down in Charlotte, and then picking which events they are going too based off the crowd. The funny thing is there will be crowds at every event, and if you don’t have tickets, you might not end up in ANY of them. Most promoters have been selling tickets online for the past 3-4 months, and at one point they were cheap. Now, less than a week to go until the event, prices for day parties are around $20-25 general admission, while night events are easily $50 and up. Figure out where you and the crew want to go too, and pull the credit card out to charge thsoe tix.

8. You aren’t gonna be able to go to EVERYTHING.
The one thing you have to realize as you get to Charlotte this weekend is there will be so much going on, you will want to be everywhere. You just won’t have a chance to do that though.

7. It is gonna rain at some point during the weekend, don’t stress it though.
Every CIAA weekend that I’ve been too it has rained. Sometimes it was just a few hours in the morning, and other times it was almost all night. Either way, it didn’t alter our plans much. One time, it made us stay in the hotel and hit up the day party and night party there, instead of going to the events at the Epicentre we had originally planned on going too. With thousands of partygoers all in such a small area, rain won’t slow anything down.

6. Don’t overdo it at the dayparties.
Most of you aren’t used to drinking day and night for four straight days. Your tolerance level might be ok for a drink here or there once a week, but nothing like CIAA weekend. Dayparties are good times, but drink in moderation. A good rule of thumb is have one drink the first hour you are in there, and one drink the last hour you are in there. That way you should keep that same buzz you had walking in, because(see rule 5)…

5. Make sure you bring liquor with you for your hotel room.
Prices of drinks during CIAA weekend are higher than gas prices. You can easily spend more money over that weekend in liquor at the bar than you did for your hotel room. Before you leave out to go to your parties, hit up your local liquor store, and stock up on a few bottles that will keep you right that weekend.

4. Hit up the ATM before leaving.

Some of the party spots don’t take plastic, so if you aren’t used to carrying cash, make sure you get enough to get you through the day.
3. What happens in Charlotte this weekend…
stays there. This should be a getaway/mini vacation for you, enjoy it, and get your party on.
2. Don’t skip Breakfast.
If you are going to be hitting the parties at night, then waking up to hit more parties in the day, breakfast will be a must. In between all those parties, you may want to invest in some FEVER stimulation beverages as a good way to keep yourself hydrated.
1. Start planning for 2012….
You will have so much fun this weekend, that odds are you and your crew will be back in 2012. It’s never too early to start planning. CI All Access will have 2012 Early Bird specials up on our site and Facebook Page this Spring, and while some of you waited till the last minute for this year, don’t make the same mistake again.