MAZ Entertainment CIAA Weekend 2011

A CI All-Access Exclusive

This FAQ page was made as much to be a resource for many first timers to the biggest
party weekend of the year, as it is for our team to make sure the information gets out consistently.
We have fielded dozens of tweets, inbox messages, and texts from followers asking many of the
same questions you see below. As always, continue to send us questions, and if we see others
asking the same thing, we will add it on.

Updated 01.14.12

1. Why are hotels sold out already downtown?

The fact is, many of the hotels were booked the moment the 2011 weekend ended. A large percentage of rooms are reserved for the schools, alumni, travel agents, etc. That leaves a lot of people for a small amount of rooms.

2. Will more rooms get released closer to the weekend?

No one can say definitely, but in years past, that has happened. I know many friends didn’t book rooms until Superbowl weekend, and both times they stayed downtown.

3. Will they be any cheaper than $300.00/night?
That is unlikely, but you never know. Most hotels realize that with over 200,000 people expected to visit Charlotte during that seven day period, this is their Christmas, and they take full advantage of supply and demand.

4. I’m not coming into town until Friday, why won’t hotels let me book only 2 nights?
Because hotel chains know the large number of people coming into town, like most special events, there is a minimum night stay. Most will have a 3 night stay required, checking in Thursday, and checking out Sunday. Promoters know this, and the majority of the events tip off Thursday night and take you through the weekend.

5. What party is gonna be poppin?
There’s no real answer to that. Truth is, MOST will be, you can’t help but bump into a hot party with so many partygoers in one place at one time.

6. Do I need a car to get around?
If you stay downtown, you can walk from your hotel to most of the hot spots you want to be. If you stay out near the airport, you will need some way to get into downtown each day you are there. There will be parties all over the city during CIAA, and some people don’t like being in the madness that is The Epicentre or downtown, and choose to party at one of the hotel events at the airport.

7. What’s a day party?
Many promoters will tell you CIAA Weekend may not have invented the “day party”, but it became famous there. Returning partygoers know that the day parties can be more crowded and fun than some night events. Most of the day parties will kick off around 12-1pm, and will go through until the early evening. If this is your first year, pace yourself. From experience, you can go so hard during the day parties, you won’t be able to make it to the events you bought tickets to that night.

8. Where are the black strip clubs at in Charlotte?
A few fellas dropped this question to us on Twitter in the past week, so we added it. The most popular is Club Onyx(5300 Old Pineville), which annually will have special events going down during CI Weekend. You can catch them on Twitter here. You can also check out Club Nikki’s (3001 Little Rock) and the brand new Dreams Gentleman’s Club (6711 Freedom Dr).

More questions coming soon…

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