I hope everyone had a good week, and an exciting safe Halloween. November is here, but before we look forward to the weekend(which includes the Drake concert tonight), let’s look back at the week in review.

One of my personal favorite players, Allen Iverson, gave his official retirement speech this week. While he didn’t end up with a ring, he is still one of the best ever.

RealTalkNY.net has assembled some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes, including the above pictured Nicki Minaj. Nicki, who dressed up as an officer, had social media going nuts when she leaked this photo.

Vibe.com reports Jay-Z will be launching a new cologne, titled “Gold” on Black Friday. Jay’s newest venture has me thinking, “Do you wanna smell like Hov?”

You ever see at $1600 phone before? Engadget debuts the Samsung W2014 this week.

The Panthers are paying attention to the Charlotte Mayoral Race, according to the Charlotte Business Journal.