Twitter was going nuts last night, and from all accounts, everyone inside Bank of America Stadium was saying the building was electric, as the Panthers beat New England 24-20. If you didn’t stay up for the end,
there was controversy on the final play, as there was initially a flag thrown (what some Patriots fans were thinking was for pass interference). What followed was a range of emotions, which included Tom Brady dropping F-Bombs on the refs on Live TV.(Watch Here)

Cam Newton vs Patriots

Four of the last six games on the Panthers schedule are against teams that are in the playoff hunt (Saints twice), Dolphins, Jets. They have “winnable” games against the Bucs and at Atlanta. You don’t want to get overconfident yet, but the way it looks, they could go into their December 8th game at New Orleans 9-3 and a showdown for the 2 seed vs. the Saints.