Happy New Year Everyone!

As 2014 begins, many of you are still trying to recover from New Years Eve partying last night. It’s funny that as I write this, emails are floating in more and more daily about the biggest party weekend of the year, kicking off Thursday, February 27th. With just eight weeks to go until Tournament weekend hits Charlotte, we wanted to go over our updated contest rules for the free party passes we will be offering starting later this month. In years past, we have run various contests utilizing our social media supporters on Twitter and Facebook. In 2014, we are going to continue the trend, but include our new Instagram followers in on this. If you follow us on all 3 accounts, you will have 3 Chances to win!

Check out the official rules below.

During our Twitter Tuesdays contest, we will offer a question on a particular hour(normally run between 7pm – 9pm EST). If you are the first person to answer the question correctly, you will automatically win the prize of the evening. In addition, two additional winners who submit the correct answer will be randomly selected to win additional prizes. In one night, there can be up to 3 winners.

During out PartyGram contests on Wednesday, we will post up an image on our Instagram account with the contest directions and prize for the evening. The directions on how to win will be posted as well. There will be 1 winner selected in one night.

During our Facebook Fridays contests, friends can help you win. You will have the opportunity to share and tag, and the person who gets the most shares/tags will win. There will be up to 3 winners selected in one night.

Aside from those weekly contests, we are working with promoters to have special exclusive giveaways (as we always do) during the biggest party weekend of the year! Stay tuned, and check back for announcements on the giveaways!