2017 might seem like a long way away, but it’s really not, especially if you are the NBA. See, the league is already in the pre-planning stages to determine where it will hosts the 2017 NBA All Star Game at. This year’s game will be in New Orleans next month, while the 2015 event is in New York, and in 2016 Drake and Toronto will host. Back in November of last year, Bobcats owner Michael Jordan gave his thoughts to the media about Charlotte hosting their first All Star Game since 1991…

All Star Weekend Charlotte 1991 Logo

“Charlotte is very deserving of having an all-star game here again. I played in the all-star game that was here and the fan base and support was very positive. I’d love to see that happen again. We have to do all of our due diligence and I think the next available game is 2017, if I’m not mistaken.”

While the city would be buzzing with the potential of having both NBA All Star Weekend and the CIAA Tournament in the same city just week’s apart, a lot has to happen for that to become a reality in 2017. First, the NBA will be fielding bids from many cities interested in the 2017 game, including the Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

If the league keeps to it’s same announcement schedule as last year, when they let the world know about both 2015 and 16, then we should find out in the fall if Charlotte hosting the NBA All Star Game in 2017 will be reality or not. The Charlotte Business Journal’s December 2013 report showed that the league was impressed with their visit to the city, and how Charlotte hosted the Democratic National Convention in 2012.

And then you have the CIAA Tournament. There is still doubt whether or not the conference will renew their contract with the city after this year’s event. In an article that ran last month on WBTV, some officials are concerned about the lack of funding and buzz around the tournament this year.

In a few months, we will likely know all our answers about February 2017. For now, all we can do is hope.