10. Don’t bring your whole closet To Charlotte.

Coming into to town to party for four days and four nights can be a task to pack, especially if you aren’t trying to check any bags (S/O Southwest). Do yourself a favor and pack light. You may plans to change 3-4 times a day, every day. While some* are able to accomplish that, they also spend more time in their hotel bathroom doing their hair then in the party turnt up. Plan a little in advance as to what you wanna wear during the day parties, check the weather a couple days before you leave town, and don’t stress!

9. Don’t plan every Moment of every day.

This is supposed to be a break from your norm (work/school/etc). For some even, this is a vacation. Regardless, allow some flex time to do you during the weekend. Some people go overboard buying early bird tickets (see number 5) and feel obligated to go to every party. What ends up happening usually is something else comes up that a few people in your crew wanna do, and now you got problems.

8. Don’t wait too late to book your hotel/airfare.

Coming from out of town to Charlotte for 2014 CIAA? You and 100,000 other people. As this is being published, we sit six weekends away from CIAA. That means, for some of you, you have 3 to 4 more paydays. That means some of you will get your tax refund back by then too. Plan accordingly on where you will stay, and how you will get there. Flights are generally affordable booking four to six weeks out, but inside of a month and it can get pricey. As we have stated before, hotels in Uptown during tournament weekend are scarce. In another couple weeks, there will be next to none left. When is a good time to book? Right now.
Note: CharlotteHotelRooms still has a small amount of rooms left.

7. Don’t depend on undependable friends.

Sadly, every year, our Twitter timeline is filled with people mad because their friends backed out on them at the last minute. As number 8 shows, not only do you have to plan, your friends do too.

6. Don’t bring more than you can afford to lose.

This too happens every year. CIAA falls on the end of the month, and people start spending March’s bill money at the bar in the dayparty. The next day, as you pack your stuff up to check out the hotel, you look like this:
Man crying
Don’t let this be you.

5. Don’t buy tickets for every event you wanna go to.

Let’s state the facts. Some parties (Whisky River Saturday Day, A List Friday Night, Talk Of The Town Weekend Events, Ruth Chris Day Party etc) sell out every single year. If you wanna go to those events, as soon as you see them on sale, buy them. Night events are a little tougher, and in recent years, there have been so many choices, it’s hard to select on Friday or Saturday night that one event that you want to go to. The closer we get to CIAA weekend, the more and more will be released. Just know that also waiting to pay at the door during CIAA is like asking to pay your car insurance bill at the door.

4. Don’t get mad when someone got your Jordan’s on

Let’s state another fact. If you wear Jordans to a day party during 2014 CIAA Weekend, another brotha will be wearing your same shoes. Guaranteed. You can get mad. You can tweet about it. It won’t change the fact that your beloved Jordan 11’s will be on at least 30 other people’s feet during the let out of the clubs at the dayparties either. If you want to be original, go for it. But don’t get mad. Besides, somewhere in the suburbs, MJ is in the house thinking…

MJ Jordans laughing

3. Don’t get locked up

Some of you have good paying jobs and careers. You are coming to Charlotte to get away and catch up with old friends. Don’t leave Charlotte with a DUI or worst. Last year, there were 21 arrests made during the tournament weekend. While we are nowhere near Miami’s 143 arrests that happen during Memorial Day, we should hope that number gets in the single digits this year.

2. Don’t try to drink more than you can handle.

If you aren’t used to drinking heavy for hours at a time in the day, then doing it again at night, and repeat for three days in a row, know your limits. A lot of people go so hard as soon as they touch down, by the time the Saturday day parties are over, their weekend is over too. If they make it to their hotel room, they won’t see light until it’s time to check out Sunday.


1. Don’t do anything stupid.

It is the biggest party weekend of the year, and you should have the time of your life, but, be smart about it. If you are married, try to stay married after this weekend ends. If you have a high profile job, don’t do or say anything that could get you fired. Have fun, but don’t go crazy on the way.