Who is “Th3 Higher”?

​They are your 2 Favorite Rappers, Tyme-Lis the Author and Kire da Monster, as they would say. Together they form the group “Th3 Higher”, both born and raised in the city of Charlotte, they formed the group last year after dumping they their old name “Lost Wonz”. They begin to explain how the name change happened, “We realized we were totally different artists now, then we were back then. We felt that the only way to move forward was to leave the past in the past.”

The group started making music in 2007, they have performed around Charlotte numerous times as “Lost Wonz”, but has yet to perform as their new name “Th3 Higher”, “but that day is coming soon…yes soon!” as they state.

They draw some of their inspirations from known talents such as: Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, Drake, and Childish Gambino. Some nationally known artists that they listed that they would like to work with some day were: Lupe Fiasco, Jay-Z, OutKast, Odd Future and Nicki Minaj. As far as local artists they would like to work with every artist in Charlotte.

Does the “Th3 Higher” have a deeper meaning to the name?And also does the “3” in “Th3 Higher” symbolize anything?

​The meaning to their name as the previously stated waswhere they see themselves now. They begin to further describe the meaning to the name, “We believe that we are in a higher state than most artists and if you listen to our music the other meaning becomes quite clear.” As far as the 3 in “Th3 Higher” they describe what it symbolizes, “it symbolizes that one person that is the reason why you do whatever it is you do. We all have someone that inspires us to be better therefore th3 Higher is not just us, it’s all of us.”

Getting into the music

On one of their songs titled “Mirrors” featuring Javier Blanco & Erik J had a very unique and soothing R&B sound with a hip-hop twist. It sounded like a track for the ladies but they explained how it wasn’t, “Actually, the track wasn’t for the ladies it was meant to be universal it just so happened that the ladies love the track and Javier Blanco’s smooth vocals.”

Another one of their songs called “Silver Pharaohs” featuring Fadeaway Jones & Black Lighter Moses was one of their harder songs that had a cool California sound to it with a dope hard beat. They described how they get their sound, “Our sound actually comes from however we’re feeling at that moment. The hardest thing for us to do is to pick a lane so we decided to just write and record how we feel, we get sent beats from different producers and in different genres, so we just let it naturally come out.”


5 Years from now

The duo shows there since of humor by describing how they will be 5 years from now “We see ourselves having 5 boats, 10 houses, a maybach, 2 lambos, 15 yachts, and a 26 bedroom house.” but they got back to reality by stating how they just really see themselves still grinding and having their own label and being the channel to pump the Carolina’s.


Upcoming Projects

“Th3 Higher” has a few up and coming projects coming up. They will be dropping a mixtape late February and will be releasing an album later on in the summer. Be on the lookout for this group, they are just getting their feet wet. In the meanwhile you can subscribe to their youtube and follow their social networking sites below.