Valentine’s day is almost here, which is a time for the lovers to show their affection(as they should every day), however if you are single it’s just another day. Whether you are single or not everyone knows how this day works. Valentine’s day is a day for couples to celebrate with candy, flowers, teddy bears,  and sex(yeah I said it), but don’t forget the most important thing…MUSIC!

For Valentine’s day you need to kick it off right with some of the best R&B hits ever to be made, because what’s Valentine’s day without the proper music to get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit and to set the mood. Below are some of the top 10 best love making songs from old to new that you might want to add to create your perfect love making playlist…Thank me later.

*Caution: These songs might produce babies in the near future proceed to listen with caution*

10. Chris Brown (feat. Ludacris) – “Wet The Bed”

9. Trey Songz (feat. Drake) – “I Invented Sex”

8. Avant – “Making Good Love”

7. R.Kelly – “Your Body’s Callin”

6. TLC – “Red Light Special”

5.  112 (feat. Lil Zane) – “Anywhere”

4. Ginuwine – “Pony”

3. Usher – “Nice & Slow”

2. LSG – “My Body”

1. Jodeci – “Freek ‘N You”