Where To Eat During Tournament Week?

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With just a few days remaining until the start of the 2014 CIAA Tournament (the last Charlotte has under contract to host with the CIAA conference) anxiety from local businessmen and fans increase on where the 2015 tournament will be at. In a story run late Saturday in the Charlotte Observer, they made note that the tournament, which Charlotte relies on as one of their biggest annual tourism events, is being courted by ten cities for 2015, including Greensboro and Raleigh in the state, and other notable locations such as Atlanta, Brooklyn and Washington DC.

Some insiders have shared with CLTParty.com that the conference may opt for having venues bid to host the tournament on an annual basis, in leau of a contract where a city calls the week long events home. Charlotte has hosted the tournament for nine consecutive years, and more recently, the popularity of the non-basketball events/parties have made the CIAA event rival NBA All Star Weekend and the Essence Festival in terms of revenue generated by African Americans.

The dates for next year’s tournament have already been set (2/23 to 2/28), so it is highly unlikely the city hosting (if it is different than Charlotte) is not already aware. If the tournament were to leave Charlotte next year, would you travel to see it? How far would you go? Drop your comment below!