partynextdoor tour charlotte
On Saturday Night, February 21st, Amos Southend (1423 South Tryon) will be host to the PND Live World Tour, where Ontario and OVO artist PartyNextDoor will invade Charlotte. You may know PartyNextDoor from his vocals on Drake’s “Own It” or his lowkey 2013 hit, “Break From Toronto”:

Check out a snippet of his bio below.

Straight from Canada is Jahron, born July 3, 1992 in Milton, Ontario. Prepared to be the new face in the game and stay in it as long as the fans let him. Jahron was inspired to sing when his mom bought him the “Space Jam” cassette, listening to R.Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”. Jahron knew what he wanted to do. At the age of 4, he moved to Jamaica for a while, since his dad decided to leave him and his older brother there, with his grandmother. Jahron.B at a young age was known to be able to sing, but never sang in a big audience until his final year of Primary School (Grade 5).

Jahron.B sang “Silent Night”. Jahron.B did this performance privately without his mother knowing she might not end up support him. When he finally decided to tell her, she didn’t believe him. After this performance, a lady came up to Jahron and was crying praising him on his voice. Jahron.B didn’t know how to respond to her reaction, he didn’t even believe that he did that well.

Jahron.B took a break at that point the next time Jahron sang for someone else was with his new duo partner and best friend/family friend Warweezy bka Warren R. Jahron was supposed to make a debute track with Warweezy called “Hood Hop”. This was never made because they didn’t have time to record it, because at this time only Warweezy had equipment to record

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The show on the 21st comes just days before the start of 2015 CIAA Weekend, which means it’s unlikely we will see PND back in town anytime soon.