is back with our annual People’s Choice Polls, and today we ask you to tell us what your biggest beef was during tournament week. Whether you felt the lines to get in the parties were too long, the prices to park were too much, or something else, make your choice in the poll below and let your voice be heard!
CIAA 2015
This question was driven after reading this story about how a woman and her husband visited the Ritz Carlton last weekend, and were charged a “CIAA Svc Charge” of $10.20 on her receipt. Here is an excerpt from the Charlotte Observer story:

n an email to WBTV, the hotel said, “Due to the size of the CIAA event, we instituted a modest 15% service charge for our lobby beverage servers, on whom the event places significant demands throughout the weekend.”

But Patrice Wright says the service charge is raising questions in her mind.

“Is there an ACC championship surcharge?” she said. “Is there a Speed Street surcharge? Is there a Belk Bowl surcharge?”

WBTV asked the Ritz if the hotel has a service charge for other big events in the city and if there was a service charge for the 2014 CIAA. Hotel management didn’t answer those questions.

The Ritz Carlton probably wasn’t the only hotel that tried to get over on people. If you notice any charges on your receipts from CIAA 2015 weekend, let us know via our contact page today.

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