The B4L Big Game Giveaway is Back

Ray Lewis Ravens
The NFL playoffs are upon us, and has once again teamed up with Brothers 4 Life Entertainment, to bring our supporters an exclusive giveaway to some of the hottest events going down during 2013 CIAA weekend.

Updated 2.4.13
Congrats to Pamela, our grand prize winner in the B4L Big Game Giveaway. Pamela was the closest of all the entries for the final score and winning team of the Superbowl, and has won All-Access Passes for her and a guest to Brother 4 Life’s 2013 Tournament Weekend Lineup!

Updated 1.21.13
Congrats to Stephanie and Shaquan, both ladies correctly picked the winners to the Championship games last weekend, but also the tie breaker! Both have won free dayparty passes to Insatiable – The Remix, going down Satuday March 2nd at Mortimers inside the Epicenter!

Updated 1.14.13
Congrats to Toniqua L., who last week correctly picked all four NFL Playoff games, and won free passes to The Epitome Deux Day Party going down Friday March 1st at Mortimers inside the Epicenter!

The Rules to Enter:
With just one game left this season, making the right Superbowl pick has never had bigger prizes here on One lucky winner who submits the winning score AND winning team will win an ALL-ACCESS PASS for two to ALL the events that Brothers 4 Life Entertainment are throwing during CI Weekend 2013. TOTAL VALUE for 2 – $280.00!!!

That includes:

The Trilogy – Thursday Night at Cosmos Cafe
The Epitome Deux and Mortimers Cafe (Epicenter)
Insatiable Saturday The Remix at Mortimers Cafe (Epicenter)
Innocence Lost at Enso (Epicenter)
The Climax at Crowne Plaza

Brothers 4 Life All Access

The Rules:
1. You must be a member of the mailing list(which if you got this, you probably are)
2. You must submit a comment on this page with your predictions for the Superbowl. Winning team AND score AND tiebreaker.
3. The person who picks the winning team AND score AND tiebreaker(if needed) will win.
4. Winner will be notified via e-mail next Monday.

If you aren’t already join our mailing list: sign up here.

This Week’s Game:
Ravens at 49ers

Tiebreaker – Who will score LAST in the game?