The B4L Big Game Giveaway!

Superbowl Sunday, while you are enjoying friends and family watching the big game, you can have a chance to win 2 All-Access Passes for you and a friend to ALL THE PARTIES thrown by Brothers 4 Life Entertainment during 2012 CIAA weekend. That’s right, you get a chance to win tickets to the following:

Thursday Night at Cosmos Cafe “Where The Mature Mingle”
Friday Epitome at Mortimer’s
Saturday Insatiable at Mortimer’s

To enter:
1. You must be a member of our ALL-ACCESS Mailing List. If not yet, sign up here.
2. Reply to this post with a comment posting your prediction of what team will win the Superbowl, AND the final score.

The person that gets the correct team and score(or closest to score) will win. You MUST have the right team to qualify.
Example: Prediction of Patriots winning 17-13 but they wind up losing 17-13 = No win for you.